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Can your group share kai?

If you are a registered charity, marae, kura or sports club that can share food with your community, we can help.

Become a recipient organisation

Fill out the form and we’ll be in touch with more information on how we can work together.

What we have available changes constantly depending on what food is rescued. 

Foods that are often rescued include bread, bananas, seasonal produce, eggs and some pantry staples. 

The more we know about your organisation, what you can use and when you need food, the more we can help. We also use an online portal and encourage groups to login regularly to see what food is available.

Ready to join us? Tell us more about your needs in the form.

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Looking for individual food support?

We don’t provide kai or food parcels directly to individual whānau. If you are seeking kai for yourself, please reach out to 155 Whare Kai if you are in Whangārei or check out the Family Services Directory to find details of your nearest foodbank.